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£32000 discount on 997 Turbo S


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23 Mar 2008
Having driven the 991 4S and felt underwhelmed I pondered a 997 Turbo S seeing as Porsche were offering reductions
Got to £32000 off list but was advised that prices would fall come mid 2013 so past
But £140,000 for £108,000 is big bucks + boosted residual to make the monthlies very low
Even £10000 off the 991 2S is on through Dec
Depsite all that sticking with the 996 Turbo S until the 997 Turbo Ss come into view at mid £70ks
Wow! That's a pretty hefty discount :eek:

Doesn't bode so well for used prices... :sad:
Don't worry about it, Mclarens are already £70k off list lol

The important question is, have you driven one yet??

No it was from Porsche GB from stock - only 2 Turbo S's left unreg in the country

And they want rid so big money off

What happened to the Dons on Tuesday - big chance to go top for the first time in 125 years!!
After beating the Hibees I was thinking the same, the office was talking the same, then bang, 58 and 82 minute :nooo:
To be fair the injury list has and still is taking it's toll, however CB did not let that be his excuse. so credit due. CB is a better man and manager by far than cuprinol features will ever be.
Teuchter Milne is showing some faith and conviction as he's converted some of his loan to shares, just need to convince him to stump up when required.
chimp911 said:
Doesn't bode so well for used prices... :sad:

Unless you're buying! :oops:
To be honest I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I signed on the dotted line... :oops:

Using man maths I've worked out that by the time I come to sell it will have been worth every single penny it cost me - most likely the best car I will ever own... :worship:
Exactly! ......and I can't wait to join the gang!
The 991 turbo (triple?) must be some machine, not fancy a look at one of them. The deal could be better :?:

Ocean Blue

I'm frae Aberdeen, nae way would I part with £150K for the new 991 Turbo!!

I really found the 991 4S a dull experience - and the sales guy felt that to make it more like a 997 would cost £100K upwards

Just think that the price/what you get for the money does not equate in the new cars
£32k discount...and they are probably still making decent margin on the car.

Someone told me that it costs about £35k for Porsche to put a 911 together.....and about £44k for GT's and Turbo's.

If so, that's some retained margin(even after the dealer mark-up and logistics/admin etc are added)
Goes someway towards the £Bns they spent on R&D too ;)
s2000db said:
Don't worry about it, Mclarens are already £70k off list lol

Really..... :frustrated: 20K for the 2012 but not a lot more...
I took the deal and after the upgrades its a 2013 car spec :wink:

Residuals, well that's a different matter and if you listen to the yanks for long enough you'd begin to believe it!

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