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£10,000 budget for summer fun


23 Mar 2008
Have an itch to have another car for a few months over the summer

But don't want to spend that much and hopefully not lose that much either on sale.

MX5? Golf GTI? Mercedes SL - not sure! , BMW Z3M (had one but it was silver) ....

Plenty of choice with MX5s but sense that it could be a 10 day wonder

Yes forgot the S2000
Had one in 2004 and enjoyed it for a few months
Great value now
Have the chance to buy a nice VW Corrado Storm at £3500 which is tempting
Another vote for the Lotus Elise,

Nice S1 cars are gettable for around £7500, and after the summer, I'll give you £5k for it, as long as it's green, yellow or blue..

Call me !!
S2000 (pre March 2006, just watch the side bolsters)
S1 Elise.

There are only five switches in the whole car and they are for lights. No electrics, no toys, no PAS, no ABS, no Aircon, no carpets (how many of the other choices can say that? and how much does all that non driver tat weigh?).

Choice is clear:

A lightweight summer toy designed to be driven.


A gadget ridden comfy compromise.


I made £3.5k on my S1 , I just drove it two years, no mods, sold it. Best car I have ever owned.
£10K gets you (just) into 987 Boxster territory.......

Or consider Z4 3.0 (not bad just for the summer and shouldn't lose much)

Audi TT 3.2 (new shape)
Boxster 986.1 for £5k? Could probably sell for £5k after the summer too......

~ Maxie
Interesting discussion, I'm currently thinking along similar lines although will probably end up with something like this:


Can you get a Caterham 7 for £10k..??

Best car I ever owned, magnificent fun, and great at teaching you to drive fast. If you can find a tidy 1.6 k-series, it's a lovely buzzy engine and suits the Seven to a tee (same pistons as the 1.8 but with a shorter stroke) Awesome fun for the summer, and their values hold as good as anything else out there...

I'm going to get another one as soon as I have the garage space.
loved my S1 elise, so much so 12 weeks after buying it I went mad and traded it in for a 6 month old S2, thinking it had to be lots better.

how.wrong.was.I ?

very, so 3 weeks after I went back and got my old S1 back, losing a fair few grand in the process.

great legal limit fun on B roads.
Grinnall Scorpion.Massive fun and very silly. :D

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