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Classic Porsche's at the Targa TasmaniaClassic Porsche's at the Targa Tasmania
The Targa Tasmania is the legendary classic rally from down under, with a fine selection of classic Porsche's...
1968 Porsche 911 Classic Restoration by Peter Morgan1968 911 Classic Restoration by Peter Morgan
This video journey follow 911 magazine editor Peter Morgan in his restoration journey with his '68 911...
911uk Waddesdon 2011 pics # 44 car line up911uk Waddesdon 2011 pics # 44 car line up
For the 3rd year running, the Spring 911uk breakfast drive was up to Waddesdon Manor...
911 GT3 RS wrecked, driven home, wrecked further911 RS wrecked, driven home, wrecked further
A sorry tale of a 911 (997) GT3 RS that had more than it's share of bother and ended up all wrecked ...
Nurburgring vln 2009 Porsche GT3 vs Bmw M3 GTNurburgring vln 2009 Porsche GT3 vs Bmw M3 GT
An all mighty battle between a 911 Race car and a slower BMW GT that just get's in the way, oh my...
Porsche 918 Spyder to cost £650,000Porsche 918 Spyder to cost £650,000
It's official the next Porsche Hypercar the 918 Spyder is a go and at of course with a price tab to match...
Dailymail slam bad supercar parking! so lets see more!Dailymail slam some bad supercar parking!
It appears that that social medium the Dailymail has found time to slam some bad supercar parking...
Another limited edition, 911 Turbo S Another special, 911 Turbo S 'Edition 918 Spyder'
As the special editions just keep appearing, here is one that you can buy but only if you buy a 918 Spyder...
911 GT3 R Hybrid 2.0 Steering Wheel is game controller!GT3 R Hybrid 2.0 real life game controller!
This is not some game controller but the new Porsche Super hybrid Tech Race Car steering wheel...
Walter Rohrl in a Porsche 904 Carrera GTSWalter Rohrl in a Porsche 904 Carrera GTS
Some classic Porsche action with a 904 GTS in the hands of the every era master Walter Rohrl...
Porsche 911 Carrera Limited Black Edition announced911 Carrera Limited Black Edition announced
It's the beginning of the end of the 997 Generation 911 with the announcement of the Black Edition Carrera...
Porsche unveiled 918 RSR racing laboratory with higher-performance hybrid driveThe 918 RSR racing lab with hybrid hyper drive
The world's latest true hyper car goes racing, in probably the world's sexiest body ready to do battle ...
Annual Spring 2010 911uk Nurburgring trip 2011Annual Spring 2010 911uk Nurburgring trip 2011
The annual 911uk pilgrimage to the Nurburgring starts here, get yourself on this road-trip of trips...
Female Petrol Head Reviews 1989 911 3.2 CarreraFemale Petrol Head Reviews 1989 911 3.2 Carrera
BeccaGT takes to the motoring stage to present her video review of a 1989 911, with more to come ...
Dads Day Out at Dunsfold 14th May 2011Dads Day Out at Dunsfold 14th May 2011
Once again Petrolhead Nivana will be putting together one of the best family motoring events of 2010 UK...
It's wikkid, innit? white 993 GT2 replicaPimped out replica white 993 GT2 replica
The classic style of the 993 is pimped to create a replica of the all conquering GT2, which is rather white...
A pictorial year , 911 UK 2010A brief pictorial view of the year, 911UK in 2010
With 2010 now at a close, here is a brief look at some of the events that happened in 2010...
Porsche has unveiled the 2011 911 GT3 RSR Race CarPorsche unveil the 2011 911 GT3 RSR Race Car
Essentially an evolution of the previous RSR, the most successful GT race car is updated for 2011...
1987 Porsche Exclusive Article - Slantnose - Check Prices!1987 Porsche Exclusive Article, the Slantnose
Interesting archived article on then newly formed "Porsche Exclusive" department, with mega pricing...
Audi to head development of Porsche 4x4 SUV programmeAudi to head development of Porsche 4x4 SUV's!
Looks like VW brand synergies are taking over with Audi taking on the responsible of SUV 4x4 platforms...
Porsche 911 930 Fixed light Flatnose with clever Fiat lights930 Fixed light Flatnose with clever Fiat lights
A japanese 911 flatnose aka slantnose but with a very well designed Fiat sourced headlamps ...
Video: 911 GT2 RS takes on the R8 GTVideo: New 911 GT2 RS takes on the Audi R8 GT
Another titanic battle from the German TV show 'Grip' which sadly means the audio is only in German...
Gemballa returns with the Porsche 958 Cayenne TornadoGemballa returns with the 958 Cayenne Tornado
The newly Gemballa GmbH has unveiled their first tuning package since the sad death of Uwe Gemballa...
Silverstone Drive of the Hyper 997 GT2 RSSilverstone Drive of the Hyper 997 GT2 RS
The 612bhp all mighty hits the track at Silverstone and a special competition to win a drive of this car...
Seeking a Porsche 964 3.3 Turbo? some helpful buying advice from the forumForum advice on buying a Porsche 964 3.3 Turbo
The legend from the film 'Bad Boys', here is some useful advice on how to buy from the forum ...
Baby seats & pushchairs for the 997, some facts!Baby seats & pushchairs for the 997, some facts!
Trying to work out what baby seats or pushchairs works for a 997, have a look at this forum thread...
Thinking of Buying a 930 Turbo 3.3L? some forum info to helpSome forum advice on buying a 930 Turbo 3.3L!
The original 911 Turbo ran from 1975 through to 1989, aka the 930, here are some buying advice...
Porsche confirms Mid Sized 4x4 CajunPorsche confirms Mid Sized 4x4 "Cajun
Another one of those expected announcements, with the announcement of the mini off road 4x4 SUV...
Porsche wins internal battle with Audi to VW dealPorsche wins internal battle with Audi to VW deal
So the future of VW tech and performance will now be run by Porsche, hail the rwd GTi's of tomorrow...
Fifth Gear: Season 17, E17 : Cayenne Turbo & 911 GT2 RSLatest Fifth Gear episode drives the 911 [997] GT2 RS
Jason Plato has the ride of his life with the most powerful 911 ever and the new Cayenne is tested...
911 [997 Gen 2] GT3 Silverstone Experience Hot Lap911 [997 Gen 2] GT3 Silverstone Experience Hot Lap
Another promo for the Silverstone experience, showcases the talents of the latest 911 [997] GT3...
Porsche Carrera World Cup race at the Nürburgring 2011Carrera World Cup race at the Nürburgring in 2011
The global Carrera Cup race series comes together for a mega 200 car race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife...
Porsche 911 (993) Turbo by The TelegraphPorsche 911 (993) Turbo by The Telegraph
The Daily Telepgraph does an old school motoring with a 993 Turbo that high priced and bound to sell...
Porsche Picture Archive - Testing at Weissach FacilityPorsche Picture Archive - Testing at Weissach Facility
Here is an interesting post showing how life at the Porsche Weissach testing facility was many years ago...
Porsche is investing €150m in Weissach development centrePorsche invests €150m in Weissach development centre
Porsche announces a sizeable investment in their future with a fair few Euros heading into development...
New 2011 327bhp lighter 3.4 Cayman R revealedNew 2011 327bhp lighter 3.4 Cayman R revealed
The long awaited 'special' Cayman is revealed but a bit of an anti-climax and disappointment if you ask me...
Fifth Gear - Porsche Panamera Turbo v Mercedes CL63 AMG5th Gear - Panamera Turbo v Benz CL63 AMG
F1 Drivers Herbert & Chandhok join Tiff & Jason to see which is the best 4 seater sports car ...
Early 996 - what questions should I ask the seller?Early 996 - what questions should I ask the seller?
Recent thread in the 996 forum asking for buying advice on those Early Mk1 1997 to 2001 911's...
DME relay revelation.....Must read for 993 owners!DME relay revelation.....Must read for 993 owners!
Surely those air-cooled 911's weren't that high tech? one of the tricks is held in a key DME relay part...
993 964 Rear Screen Rust Prevention - extra sealant around the screen993 964 Rear Screen Rust Prevention Tips
Our resident OC get's all sticky with some useful tips on how to prevent rust around the rear screen..
993 Owners Tips, rear chassis arms inspection993 Owners Tips, rear chassis arms inspection
As the years progress, areas to look out for on a 993 now include the hidden rear chassis arms...
Latest Spy Shots: Porsche 911 [991] shows its new linesLatest Spy Shots: The All New Porsche 911 [991]
Not long now as the ever clearer spy shots reveal the next 911 generation on final test...
VW have decided against F1 return with PorscheVW have decided against F1 return with Porsche
So it turned out to be some rumour, which isn't a bad thing as F1 isn't really where Porsche should be ...
Autocar 1st Drive, 2011 Porsche 911 3.8 SpeedsterAutocar 1st Drive, 2011 911 3.8 Speedster
So how does the pretty, modern and expensive 2 seat Speedster stack up on its 1st review...
Hetherington and Vernon win 2011 Carrera Cup GB ScholarshipThe 2011 Carrera Cup GB Scholarship winners
Benji Hetherington & Kieran Vernon are the Scholarship programme winners, let battle commence in 2011...
Horrifically butchered 993 Carrera 4S on ebay!Horrifically butchered 993 Carrera 4S on ebay!
Where else but Ebay USA where a matter of taste seems to be lost in this fusion of new meets old parts...
Haloween Horror Fest with 1980's Gemballa Designs at 1000SEL!Haloween Horror Fest with Mad 1980's Designs
It's that time of year when we bring out the glory of 1000 SEL and the fright fest of the 1980's...
Dr Knauf's Ultimate Porsche 911 Picture ThreadDr Knauf's Ultimate Porsche 911 Picture Thread
it is the finest selection of Porsche pics on the web, that just gets bigger and bigger...
7 Videos: Porsche at the 2010 Paris Motor Show7 Videos: Porsche at the 2010 Paris Motor Show
A very big presence by Porsche this year, with many new models showcased in these seven videos...
Video, Porsche GT2 RS Review by Auto ExpressVideo, Porsche GT2 RS Review by Auto Express
The most power 911 ever, is taken out to play by Autoexpress to see if this will be a modern legend...
911 GT3 RSR, the most successful GT racer in the world911 GT3 RSR, the most successful global GT racer
There is no current race car that has won more races and championships than the mighty GT3 RSR...
Cajun Porsche: the baby Cayenne 4x4 to have 2 doors ?Cajun Porsche: baby Cayenne 4x4 with 2 doors ?
Was the Roxster now the Cajun, the latest 'rumours' has this as a 2 door rival to the Range Rover Evoque...
1,000mph Bloodhound goes heads to head with a 9961,000mph Bloodhound: up against a 996
Time to place your bets, as the British Land Speed record challenger finds itself it's 1st challenge...
Chris Harris 'Evo' Magazine, Porsche 959 v Ferrari 288GTO'Evo' Magazine, Porsche 959 v Ferrari 288GTO
Chris Harris brings together two classic supercar masters for a look back at possible the best ever...
911 GT3 RS is Autocar UK's Best Driver's Car 2010911 GT3 RS is Autocar UK's Best Driver's Car 2010
Against stiff competition the latest 911 GT3 RS wins Autocar's the Best Drivers Car Award for 2010...
997 Gen 2 2011 RUF Roadster997 Gen 2 2011 RUF Roadster
Inspired by the 1967 Porsche Targa, Alois Ruf and his team have build the all new RUF Roadster...
Tim Harvey celebrates 2010 Porsche Carrera Cup GB titleTim Harvey celebrates 2010 Carrera Cup GB title
With 11 wins and 7 second place finishes Tim Harvey has driven better than ever to win this years title...
Motorbase Performance win 2010 Porsche Carrera Cup GB teamMotorbase win 2010 Carrera Cup team title
Confirmed as team champions in the 2010 Carrera Cup GB during a dramatic final round at Brands Hatch...
Ollie Jackson wins 2010 Pro-Am1 Porsche Carrera Cup GBOllie Jackson wins 2010 Pro-Am1 Carrera Cup
After a superb season with Motorbase Performance, Ollie Jackon wins the Pro-Am1 championship category...
Porsche is to seriously evaluate a return to Formula 1Porsche is to seriously evaluate a return to F1
Surprise news out of the Paris motor show, not a return to Sports Cars Racing but possibly F1...
Video academy Crash Porsche 996 TurboVideo academy Crash Porsche 996 Turbo
It's another unfortunate crash involving a Porsche 996, from what did look like a safe venue, almost...
Interview with VW Chief Martin Winterkorn, The Next Step Is the Electric CarInterview with VW Chief Martin Winterkorn
The Next Step Is the Electric Car, but what this mean to the vast VW group and what's the Porsche plan...
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Porsche 918 is Most WantedNeed for Speed: Porsche 918 is Most Wanted
The hottest video car game of 2010 'Need for Speed Hot Pursuit' has the Porsche 918 as it's Most Wanted...
Each Porsche model will comes with a hybrid option....Each Porsche model will have a hybrid option
A bold statement from a man in the know points to the future of Porsche production and a hybrid 911...
2012 Porsche Mini 4x4, the Cajun!2012 Porsche Mini 4x4, the Cajun!
It was called supposed to be called the Roxster but the new mini finger licking 4x4 choice is the 'Cajun'...
Pictures following Total 911 and 911uk photo shootPictures from Total 911's 911uk photo shoot
A trio of the finest 911's from the forum joined Total 911 for a photoshoot out in Wales...
Is the original 996 starting to look classic?Is the original 996 starting to look classic?
12 years on and is the new classic the ugly duckling of the 911 range, that ground breaking original 996...
Porsche attacked by Wild turkeys !!Porsche attacked by Wild turkeys !!
Now this is one crazy experience, a pair of Wild Turkey's take on a 911, another youtube classic...
Porsche Boxster Spyder, new Camping upgrade!Porsche Boxster Spyder, new Camping upgrade!
Porsche Campground Performance, although it does offer another take on the Boxster Spyder...
Anthracite wheels on  polar silver Porsche 993 questionAnthracite wheels on Polar Silver Porsche 993?
A bold question or just do they look like dirty wheels, Anthracite wheels on Polar Silver...
Uwe Gemballa ....whacked by the mob?Uwe Gemballa, whacked by the mob?
Sad news has come through that the body of Germany Tuning legend Uwe Gemballa has been found...
Revealed: the new Porsche 911 [997] Speedster!Revealed: the new Porsche 911 [997] Speedster!
Porsche has plundered the historic back catalogue again to create another limited edition 911...

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